Family-Based Eligibility to Adjust Status

Immigrant petition by a relative for a family member. This includes a petition by a U.S. Citizen or Green cardholder for a family member.

How to Get a Student Visa

Get an overview of the Student Visa Process from application for admission through the visa interview.

How Do I Know if I Am in Deportation

Am I in Deportation/Removal Proceedings?

Removal of Condition Representation & Denial

Good Immigration help is important when applying for Green Card and for Removal of Condition.

Notice of Denial - Naturalization

Marrying while an immigrant petition on your behalf is pending could trigger cancellation of the petition, or lengthen your wait time for an immigrant visa. A failure to disclose the marriage to USCIS, NVC, or the Consular officer, like other acts of misrepresentation, renders the immigrant visa (green card) issued to you invalid at inception and exposes you to removal from the U.S.

Applying for U.S. Citizenship Through Naturalization

Having had your green card for at least 5 years, or 3 in the case of spouses of U.S. citizens, you can apply for citizenship through naturalization.

Applying for Nonimmigrant Visas

Visitors to the U.S. are required to fill out a nonimmigrant visa application. Careful and truthful preparation, as well as strong ties to your home, increase your chances of success.

Adjustment of Status with Hardship Waivers

Looking to adjust your immigration status in the U.S. after marriage, but entered on a photo-switch passport or have been charged or convicted of a criminal offense? Here are a few helpful tips from immigration attorney Peter Loblack.

Discussion on U.S. Immigration Issues Focusing on Asylum

A discussion on U.S. immigration issues focusing on asylum.

Removal of Green Card Conditions

About the removal of green card conditions.

Discussion on Marriage-Based Green Cards

A discussion on marriage-based green cards.