The Immigration Effect of False Claims to U.S. Citizenship

Falsely claiming to be a U.S. citizen is a fatal mistake for any foreign national hoping to one day enter the U.S. or obtain/maintain U.S. resident status. Alongside fake marriages, drug and domestic violence offenses and terrorism grounds, false claims to citizenship after 1996 are among the most seriously treated under U.S. immigration law. 

An individual who is deported on the basis of a false claim is permanently inadmissible and cannot return to the United States. There is no waiver available for these current false claim offenses, and only limited relief from removal is available.

Do not falsely claim citizenship for driver's license, employment, passport application, social security, voter registration, or for entry into the U.S. Do not use false U.S. Birth Certificates. Do not vote. Do not serve on a jury. Apart from being a Federal criminal offense, for which you may be criminally prosecuted, you will be deported. 

If you have previously made a false claim do not file any immigration documents without first consulting a licensed experienced immigration attorney. 

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