Visa Application Assistance & Consultancy Attorney Based in Florida

Tourist/Visitors Visas (B1/B2), Student Visas (F and M), Journalist Visas, Treaty Investors (E-2).

Peter Loblack Law, PA provides visa application and interviewing tips in LIVE telephone consultations (regular calls, WhatsApp, messenger), by email, text, or in-office consultations, and will assess whether you are likely to be approved or not. Our experienced attorney can also assist in real-time visa application completion, which is the most important step in determining approval. Your visa application must be properly completed to avoid automatic denial at the interview.

Using our LIVE SERVICE will ensure that your application is properly completed. Many who have relied on travel agents, nonlawyers, family, or friends to prepare or assist in the preparation of their visa applications have endured automatic denial and even permanent ineligibility because of errors, deliberate lies, and misinformation. Regardless of who prepared your application, you are responsible for the answers in your application.

Extensive Experience to Benefit You

Our senior attorney has practiced U.S. immigration law for over 25 years and is knowledgeable in the procedures employed in visa decisions. He, however, cannot, in fact, no one can honestly, guarantee that any visa application will be approved. Some individuals may never get a visa because of previous misrepresentation, criminal convictions, prior abuse of visa, having U.S. immediate relatives, and insufficient ties to their country. Some may be eligible for a waiver but the nonimmigrant waiver requires the initial consent of the consular officer.

The firm also provides consultancy and representation on nonimmigrant waiver and can pursue humanitarian parole (advanced parole) for those with compelling reasons to visit the U.S. but do not qualify for a nonimmigrant waiver and are otherwise ineligible for a visa.

In this era of telecommunication innovation, you should never be restricted to bad immigration help from locals and nonlawyers disguised as web-based experts. You have a choice. With us, you have access to quality help from an experienced U.S.-based immigration attorney from the comfort and security of your home or neighborhood.

How Is Real Time (Live) Lawyer Help Provided

Once payment is received and confirmed you will be provided a number to contact the attorney by WhatsApp, Snapchat, mobile, and text during and after business hours-day or night. You will also be able to contact the attorney and obtain information by Facebook Messenger. A specific date and time can also be scheduled or reserved for consulting and visa application assistance.

Experienced, Ethical, Licensed, and Trusted, I am here when you need me. We handle immigration cases throughout the U.S. and at all U.S. Embassies and Consulates. Harvard educated with more than 25 years of immigration law experience and selected a Top 100 immigration attorney, I am here when you need good immigration help.