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Immigration law is complicated, and it can be hard to know what to expect when starting the journey. In fact, the path to U.S. citizenship may feel too steep to climb. You may feel frustrated by the length of the applications you need to fill out, the number of documents you need to gather, and the millions of other hoops you need to jump through. The truth is, something as meaningful as citizenship is rarely a smooth process. Those who seek to immigrate to the United States—and those already in the U.S. who want to change their status—should not navigate this journey alone. 

Since 1994, Peter Loblack has helped individuals and families resolve their immigration concerns and take the next step on their citizenship journey. As an immigration lawyer—and an immigrant himself—Peter knows how important it is to trust in the right kind of legal counsel. With so much on the line for you and your future, you deserve the real deal. Set up a meeting with Peter Loblack to begin the process of legalizing your status and moving forward.

Are You Seeking Permanent Residency? 

If you are seeking permanent residency in the United States, this is most likely an emotional time for you and your loved ones. As an immigrant himself, Peter Loblack understands. He’s been practicing immigration law for over two and a half decades, providing real guidance and real results to clients who need it the most. From his offices in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Peter can help you navigate the citizenship process and understand some of the different ways to obtain permanent residency.

Family-Based Immigration

If you are hoping to get an immigration visa or a green card, having a family member who lives in the U.S. may improve your eligibility. In order to be considered, your relative must be a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident. As a family-based immigrant, you may be admitted as either an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen or admitted through the family preference system. To learn more about the differences between these processes, contact Peter Loblack as soon as you are ready to start.

Your Future Matters

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Employment-Based Immigration

Most immigrants seeking temporary employment will need an H1-B visa. This allows an employer to sponsor a worker for a specific period of time. In order to receive this kind of visa, you will need the specific skill set necessary to perform the job. Your employer must also be able to justify its need to seek employees outside the United States. These temporary employment-based visas are limited in scope, as they require you to work for a specific employer.

Permanent employment visas, on the other hand, entitle immigrants to more protections under U.S. law. There are different types of permanent employment visas, including EB-1 (offered to professors, researchers, and executives of extraordinary ability), EB-3 (offered to skilled workers, professionals, and other workers), and EB-5 (offered to qualified investors who can support economic growth through investment in U.S. commercial enterprises).

If you are seeking employment in the U.S., reach out to Peter Loblack at his offices in Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He’s proud to serve immigration clients nationwide.

Non-Immigrant Visa Services

No matter what brings you to the United States, get in touch with Peter Loblack to start the visa process. Peter helps a wide range of individuals obtain a variety of visas, including:

  • Students (F-1)
  • Entertainers and Athletes (P-1)
  • Company Transfers (L-1)
  • Religious Workers (R)
  • Specialty Workers (H-1B)
  • Extraordinary Ability (O-1)
  • Visas for Business Personnel
  • Visas for Temporary Visitors

Find out about these kinds of visas and more by setting up a time to talk with Attorney Loblack. 

Criminal Defense & Immigration

At Peter Loblack Law, PA, a criminal record doesn’t need to mean that your future in the United States is over. As a dedicated criminal defense attorney serving immigration clients in Florida and nationwide, Peter represents clients who face severe immigration-related consequences, from inadmissibility to deportation. Get in touch with Attorney Loblack to learn about your options for expunging your criminal record and other legal strategies to help you and your family.

Immigration Law Attorney Based in Florida

Immigration is rarely easy. You may feel like the system is designed to keep people out, rather than let them in. Let Peter Loblack take the lead. He’ll collaborate with you and your loved ones during any stage of the citizenship process. Contact his offices in Orlando or Fort Lauderdale to begin your journey.