Criminal Law for Immigration Attorney Based in Florida

As a nation, the United States swears to provide ‘liberty and justice’ for all people. However, the U.S. has rarely lived up to this promise. Immigrants to the United States often have first-hand experience with this broken promise,  especially when the criminal justice system is involved. In many aspects of society, individuals who are not born in the United States are treated poorly; when immigrants are convicted of crimes, they become even more vulnerable. Immigrants with criminal records become targets for deportation, making up the majority of deportations in any given year. 

As an immigrant himself, Peter Loblack understands the roadblocks—and the rewards—of becoming a citizen of the United States. He brings his extensive litigation experience to help countless clients move past their criminal charges and seek to legally remain in the U.S.

A criminal conviction doesn’t need to mean that your vision for a better life will never become a reality. Schedule a consultation with Peter Loblack Law, PA as soon as you know you need help. He is honored to serve clients throughout the nation from his offices in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

What Are the Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions?

If you are not a U.S. citizen, a criminal conviction—even for a minor offense—-can come at a huge cost. Any kind of conviction may result in your deportation, and/or your inadmissibility. As an immigrant, if you are found inadmissible, this means you may not be able to: 

  • Apply for permanent residence (a green card)
  • Become a United States citizen
  • Re-enter the country after leaving
  • Apply for an “adjustment of status” (a change from illegal to legal immigration status)

It does not matter how long you have lived in the U.S., or how strong your personal connection is to the country. With a criminal conviction on your record, there’s a higher chance you will be deported or inadmissible.

This is why it’s so important to set up an appointment with an immigration attorney who focuses on criminal law. Since 1994, Peter Loblack welcomes clients who feel that the promise of ‘liberty and justice for all’ has not applied to them. He’ll fight for you every step of the way because he knows that good immigration counsel can truly make a difference.

Worried About Eligibility After a Criminal Charge?

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Post-Conviction Relief for Immigration Clients

The consequences of a criminal conviction are serious, especially when it comes to your immigration case and your citizenship status. Thankfully, there is hope. It may feel like a guilty verdict closes all paths to naturalization for you and your family, but this is simply not true. Post-conviction relief is a way to preserve your chances of remaining in the United States. Attorney Loblack helps individuals and their loved ones with a variety of legal strategies, including:

  • Seeking to overturn the conviction based on ineffective assistance of your criminal defense lawyer
  • Seeking re-sentencing in order to avoid a conviction for a deportable crime (such as an aggravated felony)
  • Seeking to withdraw a guilty plea because the court did not advise you of the immigration consequences of the plea
  • Seeking expungement (which means removing or erasing) of your criminal record for all types of criminal offenses

To put it simply: if you fear you may be deported, or if deportation or removal proceedings have already begun, reach out to Peter. You will need an immigration attorney who can seek to legally vacate (set aside) the initial verdicts so that you can move forward in your life.

Peter Loblack’s Approach to Your Criminal Case

The immigration process in the United States can sometimes feel like a factory, in which you are just another case to be handled along with thousands of others. At Peter Loblack Law, PA, that’s not how things work. No matter your criminal charges or your immigration concerns, Peter knows that the process has to be a collaborative one. When you set up a phone, video, or in-person appointment, Peter will meet with you to listen to your story, understand your situation, and provide a clear road map of what needs to happen and when. Through it all, you will be encouraged to relax and remain calm. Let Peter Loblack take on the stress of your case instead.

Criminal Law for Immigration Attorney Based in Florida

When you start to feel that legal immigration is slipping out of reach, you need to turn to a lawyer who truly understands. Peter Loblack works with individuals nationwide who seek expungements of their criminal charges and other methods of post-conviction relief. Set up an initial consultation today.