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There are four options for Consultation:

  • Telephone
  • In office (Orlando)
  • In office (Fort Lauderdale / Miami)
  • WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger / Skype


In lieu of calling any of our law offices to schedule your Telephone Consultation, You can Request and Pay the consultation fee for a Telephone / Text or Office consultation, here. If you are OUTSIDE the U.S. You MUST click the "PAYPAL" Button. If you are paying INSIDE the U.S., click the "LAWPAY" Button.  You must Include your email address and telephone number with the payment. We also accept payment directly by credit card, WesternUnion, or a family or friend in the U.S. can pay it for you either in the office or here.   

U.S. Residents (LawPay) (Non-US Residents) (PayPal)  
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Request a Consultation!

AFTER THE PAYMENT IS MADE AND CONFIRMED you MUST call the office to confirm the date and time for your consultation, or send in your desired date and time by email or inbox us on our immigration law page (peterloblacklaw) on Facebook.  

YOU ARE REQUIRED TO CALL IN AT THE SCHEDULED TIME AND DATE OF YOUR CONSULTATION.  We do not call you outside the U.S. except if you are a client – meaning you have retained us to handle a matter for you.  A consultation does not make you a client, you are a prospective client until you retain us.  Once scheduled, you are free to CHANGE / reschedule the date and time of the consultation.  You can CANCEL the Consultation for a full refund a day before the initial (first) Scheduled consultation date.

OUR TELEPHONE # 954-327-8800 or 407-295-0099. Email:; text 407-590-7414. Telephone consultations can also be scheduled in the evenings and on weekends. 

Whatsapp Consultation (via Voice, Video or Text)

If you are outside the U.S. and would like to schedule a Consultation with attorney Loblack via WhatsApp text, video or voice, you are now able to do so. Click and Complete the “Request Consultation” Form and include your WhatsApp number. You must also pay the consultation fee using the PayPal Button if paying from outside the U.S., or the LawPay Button if paying from inside the U.S. The specific date and time of your WhatsApp consultation will be confirmed using the WhatsApp number you entered on the Request Consultation Form. Any documents you would like the attorney to review for your consultation must be sent via WhatsApp prior to the schedule consultation.


WOLPH FLEURIZARD, at: Peter Loblack Law Firm, PA.  Physical Address (for Ft. Lauderdale/Plantation office): 6991 W. Broward Blvd, Suite 112, Plantation, FL 33317 |  

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